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When it comes to business training sometimes one size does not fit all.

We understand that everybody’s training needs are different and provide you with the opportunity to hand-pick programmes and compile a bespoke offering, specifically tailored toyour needs.

Our Funding Gurus help to maximise your training budget with our business advisers working closely alongside you. They discuss all your options and hand-pick relevant training to ensure bothindividual and team development.

Our bespoke programmes can be totally unique and flexible for small or large business, and are built around your specific business needs. The industry knowledge and skills our trainers have established is then used to deliver your bespoke training package, helping you progress and succeed within your industry sector.

You can use our bespoke offering to: hand-pick specific offerings from one of our 42 specialist areas to create a completely unique and specific programme Utilise our industry experts for highly focused and specialist trainers for specific teams or individuals to find out more about us click here or contact us now and talk to our team about your bespoke training package.

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Bespoke Training FAQs

An Organisational Needs Analysis is our opportunity to capture all there is to know about your business and its specific training needs. It’s our chance to have a structured consultation and conversation to match your training needs and identify any other potential skills gaps. What our organisational needs analysis is not, is a sales call. It is a chance for us to develop or deepen our relationship with your business and help provide versatile and tailored solutions. 

When you train with us you will have a nominated Cornwall College Business representative on hand to support you at every stage and milestone of your training. You will also gain support from the people delivering your training, and our expert Funding Gurus who help maximise both your training and your budget. We are dedicated to the provision of support for all levels of employment, from the CEO down to all members of your team.

We listen to you and ensure to find the exact solutions to meet your organisational business needs. We use the wider college around us to support your training and utilise the large amount of associative resources at our disposal. Industry experts and dedicated customer advisors help develop our training with high versatility for delivery at any place and at any time. For instance, Fal Fish wanted training on their shop floor that would not directly impact on their productivity and take valuable time out of their operations. It was then decided that their training would take place on their shop floor at midnight with our trainers more than happy to meet the needs that Fal Fish had outlined. 

Bespoke Training