Your Funding Options

We cover over 40 specialist areas with a lot of the training linked to funding opportunities. Your commitment to training and development should never be constrained, it should be nurtured and supported which is what our Funding Gurus can help with.

Our Funding Gurus know the ins and outs of funding opportunities and grants for business training in Cornwall and beyond, and chances are you could be eligible. We work closely with government funding providers and Growth Hub in Cornwall in order to cover all potential avenues.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to hiring an apprentice, with funding being a key factor to consider.

There’s lot of help available for businesses looking to employ an apprentice, with our Funding Gurus on hand to source, access and support your applications.

There is now an additional Government £1000 incentive for employing a young person who is aged 16 to 18 on the day they start their apprenticeship. 

Whether you require information on a course listed on our website or are interested in a bespoke package don’t hesitate to contact us direct on 0800 731 7594 or email:




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