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Professional Marketing CIM Certificate Level 4



Benefits to you:

The certificate is split into three awards, which are CIM qualifications in their own right:

Marketing, Integrated Communications and Digital Marketing.

The marketing module considers the role and function of marketing in depth, as well as what influences the behaviour of customers. You will be able to apply and adapt a marketing mix to satisfy customer needs.

The many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside of your organisation is considered in integrated communications.

As part of the digital marketing module you will learn about the various digital techniques that can support and enhance your understanding of the digital world.

Each of the three modules is designed to give you a theoretical knowledge of marketing; you will then bring that together with your own examples and business practice to enhance your understanding.

Cost per module is £550, 5% discount if all three modules are booked at once.

Assignment fees and CIM membership directly payable to CIM.

Benefits to your business:

This course, and the modules within it, is designed to help businesses grow and develop by looking practically at the marketing function of your business.

Learners will consider what practices are currently being undertaken by the business and how they can be improved.

You will undertake assignments that have a practical and relevant usage – such as developing marketing plans, which can then be applied to your business in real time.