Covid-19 Employer Hub

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation our employer hub aims to highlight a range of resources and information to help your apprentices, staff and business through these uncertain times.

Supporting apprentices while working remotely
All apprentices are attending their usual sessions with the tutors but online and where possible we are remotely assessing work, to minimise any disruption to apprenticeship end dates where possible. In addition to the usual lessons, all apprentices are getting regular “check-in” calls from their apprenticeship advisor and the apprentices have the ability to discuss their course, their job situation, mental health etc.

Furloughed apprentices
Furloughed apprentices can continue to access the training that they would normally be undertaking and in fact can study more to complete more hours towards their Off the Job training total, or brush up on their English and maths.

Contract extensions – ensuring apprentices can return to work and complete their programme
As some apprentices are on fixed term contracts and those may be coming to an end during lockdown, you may want to discuss your apprentices individual circumstances with your apprenticeship advisor. They can discuss the situation and support with knowledge around likely duration of any disruption, next steps, and questions around legal requirements of needing an employer through End Point Assessment and contract requirement.

What role can apprentices play post lockdown and throughout the Brexit transition
Apprenticeships offer employers access to the latest skills and knowledge and so are always a great way to increase staffing levels in a cost efficient way. (Insert usual blurb about benefits of taking on an apprentice). This may be particularly important post lockdown as restrictions ease and businesses potentially being very busy. In terms of Brexit, there is the possibility of less skilled and unskilled migrant workers available to local businesses through the Brexit transition, so some businesses may have skills shortages that could be filled by an apprentice.

How to access funding from the government’s £695 million scheme
By utilising apprenticeship funding, a business can train a member of staff with the Government paying 95% of the training costs, or even 100% for a 16-18 year old. It is important to note that apprenticeships can be used for new and existing staff and so can be a cost effective way to upskill your current workforce.

New programmes
New programmes are being planned for the coming academic year. Talk to one of our apprenticeship advisor, free of charge, about your training/staffing requirements and we will be able to advise on existing and new apprenticeships and training opportunities.

Financial incentives and grants for recruiting new apprentices
Financial incentives of up to £1000 are available for all employers when they take on an apprentice aged 16-18.
The governments, bonus for business grants have been extended until 31st March 2021. Businesses can receive £2,000 when they employ a new apprentice aged 16-24 or £1,500 when they employ an apprentice aged 25 plus.

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If you need any further advice or support our apprenticeship recruitment team are at hand to help.