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Current research and intervention projects for The Cornwall College Group (TCCG) include:

Enterprise Education: Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Development (ICED) - intervention workshops to support schools in developing a culture of ICE in teaching for learning with workshops focusing on teacher mindset changes, scaffolded by practical tolls for classroom applications, such as creative problem solving and problem based learning, which will support and promote innovative young people. 

School Improvement in Coastal Regions: TCCG recognises how coastal regions in England suffer from large areas of socio-economic deprivation have students with lower average performance nationally and experience different types of educational issues to those in inner city areas. Research started with Plymouth University in 2010 into an academy in a coastal regions and the measures taken to improve student performance and outcomes. This work was extended to include a comparative analysis of other schools in similar circumstances. The longitudinal research will conclude in 2017. For a report of this work please click this link.

School-led research: The Big Breakfast Research Forum provides a community of practice for school teachers engaged in research, whether action research or higher degrees, to discuss and develop research with peers and experts from the educational research community.

Translational research for knowledge mobilisation: The importance of research informed and evidence based practice is crucial to high quality teaching and learning. TCCG leads the FE Sector for evidence based teaching resources, being a member of MESH (Mapping Educational Specialist knowhow) Guides and leading the development of FE MESH guides for a free, evidence based online teaching resources. Currently TCCG is researching with Plymouth University the impact of evidence based research on school teacher professional development and curriculum planning.

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