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Employ an Apprentice: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recruit an Apprentice?
The Apprenticeship Recruitment Team will work with you to find the right apprentice for your business.  We will advertise your vacancy, search and select the suitable candidates based on your criteria and arrange work trials and interviews that work for you.
Alternatively you might have found someone who you wish to take on as an apprentice; this can be a new person or a current employee.

Can I get help funding my Apprentice?
When you hire an apprentice you get all the benefits of expanding your workforce as well as the additional support with funding, and financial incentives subject to criteria. Asmall employer (less than 50 employees) employing a 16-18 year old apprentice, will be fully-funded. A small or medium (more than 50 employers) size employer employing a 19+ year old apprentice will pay 10% and the government will pay the remaining 90%. Levy paying employers (pay bill over £3 million per annum) employing a 19+ year old apprentice, will pay 100% from their digital account. There is now an additional Government £1000 incentive for employing a young person who is aged 16 to 18 on the day they start their apprenticeship. Find out more here…

How do I advertise a vacancy for my Apprentice?
Recruitment Service:
We will work with you to write a job description for the vacancy.  We will then advertise the job on the College and National Apprenticeship Service website.  We will shortlist applicants based on your criteria that you are looking for with suitable candidate applications sent to you to look at and we will support you throughout the interview and work trial process.

What are the difference between a Trainee (Traineeships?) and an Apprentice?  
Traineeships are a government initiative to help develop relevant skills amongst 16-24 year olds. They can run from six weeks to six months and focus on preparing young people for the workplace. They are an ideal preparation for an apprenticeship programme.
A traineeship involves college attendance for maths, English, employability certificate and part subject focussed. The employer does not need to pay a wage if the learner is a trainee as it is seen as work experience but the employer is however advised to pay for transportation and food costs.
An apprentice is in fact an ‘employee’ and is therefore entitled to employee rights such as statutory holiday, sick pay etc. They will be paid the minimum apprenticeship wage of £2.73per hour for a minimum of 30 hours maximum 38 hours per week (this includes their day at college).  If you are unsure about employer responsibilities please visit and search your query on the site.

Is there much paperwork?
Once you have found the right applicant, a dedicated Customer Advisor will be in contact to arrange the learners ‘sign up’ date, where they will meet with you and the apprentice to complete any necessary paperwork and carry out a Health and Safety check.

How much support will my Apprentice get?
Once in place, a work-based tutor and/or a Customer Advisor will visit the apprentice regularly to assess their progress, access any training undertaken in the workplace and work through targets for the next review.  Full support and guidance will be given to you and the learner throughout the apprenticeship program and you can contact us at any stage should you have any questions.

Employ an Apprentice: Frequently Asked Questions